About ME!

I'm an internet person who loves the 80-early 00's.

I love art, animation, games, mysteries, and of course Coding! (and much, much more!)

Some hobbies I have are Game Design, Art and Animation, Listening to music, 3D Modeling, Cosplay, making videos, Playing Games, watching tv, sewing.

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Oh yea also check out my Youtube! I mainly do animations on it but I do other stuff too.


Hello and welcome to my website!!!

--------------WEBSITE UPDATE-------------

Hello again! Haven't update the page in a while, so I just sorta decided to do that now! I updated the button and am probably gonna update the mascot, cuz this plain white cat is getting kinda old, I'll update this part here when i do that. I've been pretty busy with alot of other stuff like animation projects and school (which im on break from as of 4/5/24 FINALLY). I'm gonna try to update the site a bit soon! see you then.




oops theres nothing else here!


New Stuff!

The website is being actively worked on ATM there isnt antything nwew atm but ive been working on a new page which will be a sub-page of the art page! and it is like half way done! I HAVE A BUTTON! USE THIS IF U WANNA LINK TO MY PAGE AND BE DIGITAL NEIGHBORS!!!!!! :)

Digital Neighbors / Buttons!

Pretty much all the html is written by me (CatLovesSoup) and the css for the fonts by Leao Arnott!

DO NOT just copy paste my html and steal it, I wrote it, i took time too write it, this is NOT a template, so please show some common decency and don't steal it.